Gondola rides in Venice

Pascale Le Dosseur followed the teaching of classical pictorial techniques in Lunain's workshoplocated in Paris, from Claudie Chardin.

A Master on the new digital technologies and multimedia, obtained in 2010 at theGobelins SchoolThe new "medium", complements this classical approach to the use of mediums such as oil, pastel or inks with the progressive use of the medium. digital in her current creations.

His creative inspiration is based on the following origins from Brittany which nourish his imagination, soft and strong inspiration carried by an inner strength found at each visit in Brittany.

A musical background as a classical pianist in the lineage of the teaching of a master such asAlfred Cortot brings her painting sensitivity and rigour.

His painting has the peculiarity of being on the fringe of theabstraction and the figurativeIt is a side offered and chosen at leisure by the viewer according to his or her tastes and feelings.

"The literal representation of a living model does not tempt me, but to suggest life by allusive means fascinates me and I would like each spectator to be able to hang on to my works the poetic charge which it carries."

Robert Couturier, sculptor

Paintings of Venice