Venice lagoon Discover all the excitement of a boat trip along the Venice lagoon. 

It's a special experience, but doing it on a electrically propelled boat completely at rest is something simply unique.

This is only possible with our boats at electric motor.

The batteries are charged from electrical outlets during the night at the pontoon. During the day the solar panels on the roof of the boat recover the ecological energy from the sun and continue to charge the batteries, making the ride not only silent, but also environmentally friendly and non-polluting.

The boat trip can be done on several types of circuits, the north of the lagoon, the south of the lagoon, or both. The itinerary depends on the wishes and time available by the clients.  You can organize outings of a few hours or a full day, we adapt with a custom service.

We guarantee that you will not remain insensitive to the wonder and emotion felt among these waterscapes.

The boat can accommodate up to 10 people, we can organize a meal of local cuisine on request and extend the pleasure by tasting these dishes on an island in the lagoon.

The choice of this boat is the result of a study eco-responsible for the lagoon Venice. So that a true unforgettable emotion of communion with the natural elements, respects at the same time the fragile nature of the lagoon.

For further information and bookings contact by mail: info(at)