logo creation franceOur jewels are favorites, fetishes, lucky charms, precious or unique. By wearing them, they wear out, the colour tarnishes and the stones can be scratched. It is important to avoid seeing them getting damaged and worn day after day. This is why we have decided to offer you a solution.Jewelry-care-and-maintenance-JoliBijoux-Suntradition

Established in Bordeaux France since 1985, the company JoliBijoux is specialized in the creation and the manufacture of product lines care of the jewels their customers Jewellers and Jewellers.
Today, the great brands of Jewelry chains and the great Jewellers, but also the great signs of Hyper markets as well as Sun Tradition show their confidence in them by leaving them the care to manufacture and present their products for the care of jewelry.

the company Jolibijoux has always considered the protection of the environment as a priority.
an essential component of their business. Their social, technical and economic policy is geared towards diversity, research to optimise ecological formulations and respect for the planet's resources in order to minimise the impact of this activity.

The range of care for Jewellery that we put at your disposal, is
declines as follows:


Care and maintenance for gold jewellery


Polishing Chamois

- Bottle for the care of the jewels Gold Diamonds Precious stones, the GOLD care contains 100 % of the natural vegetable active ingredients.
- Bottle for the care of Silver jewellery, silvery metal, the Silver care contains 98 % of natural vegetal active ingredients.
Soft silver for routine maintenance

-Chamoisine for fine polishingnatural-logo jewelry, Chamoisine JoliBijoux 100 % Pure cotton.
LABEL OEKO-Tex Test Report No. 14.0.42644
As an indication of the quality of the fabric we supply in terms of health protection, the fabric has been awarded the Oeko-Tex label.
This very complete range allows us to offer our customers a cleaning and care solution for all jewellery and precious metals. So do not hesitate to systematically take the corresponding jewellery care. Each care, brings to the jewel Gold, Gold diamonds precious stones, Silver or Pearls the necessary maintenance so that it keeps all its natural brightness and in a very ecological way.

Of course, you have the possibility to choose from this range the product(s) that suits you best.


Care and maintenance for silver jewellery

On each bottle is indicated the telephone number +33 5 56 24 73 43 of JoliBijoux, this number "Consumer Information" is intended to answer directly to the questions of our customers, do not hesitate to call them and ask them for advice for the care and maintenance of jewelry and precious metals.

To buy Jolibijoux cleaning and care products go to the site: www.suntradition.com